Restoring Files When Your Mac Refuses to Boot

Today, without warning (unless you consider kernel panics at an increasing frequency a warning), my Late-2011 MacBook Pro called it quits. It shut down as I was using it. The farthest it could get was mid-boot before shutting off again. Booting with verbose mode (holding ⌘+V at boot) showed what appeared to be disk permission […]

Adding Bash Aliases in OS X

Opening a Terminal in any Unix-based OS will generally present a user with a bash prompt. Even though the bash prompt excels at interactivity, supporting command line editing, completion, and recall, there are still ways to customize it to each user’s specific needs and preferences. One such way is by creating bash aliases. Bash aliases […]

The Drawbacks of Shortcuts

Nearly every Windows user is familiar with shortcuts, those .lnk files that fill everyone’s desktops with links to their favourite applications. In enterprise environments, administrators often use shortcuts to give users quick access to shared company resources like departmental shared folders on a file server. Classically this would be done by right-clicking, choosing New > Shortcut […]

Getting around Group Policy

The first post should be something fairly juicy so let’s start with getting around restrictions placed on a user via Microsoft Group Policy, the most commonly used method of enforcing security policies on Windows workstations. If you are unfamiliar with Group Policy, it’s defined as being “a hierarchical infrastructure that allows a network administrator in […]